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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Getting Ready for WSCodeGen 1.0.1 Release

I'm getting close to the planned 1.0.1 release for WSCodeGen. This is a bug fix and minor enhancement release. We are going to upgrade our projects. Below listed the major changes since 1.0.0

Basic VB Support

Basic VB support is in. Didn't use it for our own projects because we don't have any VB project. But tested on a test project and it works fine. To generate the VB code, simply name your source file with .vb extension. For example,

WebServiceClientGenerator.exe pathto\WebServiceClient.xml pathto\ClientSourceFile.vb

Uses Global Type Reference

By using global type reference in the generated code, we are able to avoid the namespace conflict. For example, the generated code now has type as global::Namespace.ClassName in C# and Global.Namespace.ClassName in VB.

Will Not Overwrite The Source File When There Is No Changes

Generator won't overwrite the source file when the generated source code is identical to what's already in the source file. This helps to avoid unnecessary build of VS.Net solution.

API Documentation and Unit Test

All public classes and their public members are documented so that the API documentation can be generated. Over fifty Unit Test cases are passed. 100% covers core generator classes. More then 80% of overall coverage.

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